8 Week Financial Transformation

ANYTIME. ANYWHERE. Ready to get your finances in order the fun and simple way? This quick-start online 8 Week Financial Transformation class will help you gain the financial understanding you need to finally take control of your money and take control of your life.

In the 8 Week Financial Transformation you will learn the foundational pieces of personal finance and money management. You can think of it as the personal finance education you never received growing up.

Financial Education for Women

As an 8 week Week Financial Transformation student, you'll have access to the members-only website, where you can access the entire course curriculum-webinars for the eight modules, worksheets, audio recordings and more. You'll learn things like:

  • How to create a new loving, abundant money mindset
  • How to create do-able financial goals
  • How much you should be saving for your financial goals every month
  • How to spend money guilt free
  • How to build a cash cushion, pay off debts, save for the future
  • And much, much more.

And the best part is I teach it all in a fun, non-judgmental, comfortable way that actually makes sense! Thank goodness!

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Eight Week Financial Transformation

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What our customers are saying about The Eight Week Financial Transformation

I decided to undertake the 8wk financial transformation course to further educate myself and learn how to create financial freedom for retirement.  By the end of the course i had come to the realisation that you need to know who you are, your financial history and how you value money.

We must have a understanding of these to be able to make any real changes to our status quo, and to set ourselves up for the future and the earlier you start the better, time is of the essence.  The most valuable take away from the course was the one on one time with Tracey, where she honed in on my personal situation and discussed my next steps.

I have walked away from this course with a clear direction of where I want to be, and how I am going to get there. I have a clear plan on how I am going to Make it, Grow it and Leverage it. I believe that the program would be a real asset to anybody, weather you know not much about finances, or if you think you know all there is to know, I believe you will walk away with many aha moment.  

Thank you Tracey for putting this fantastic course together and showing me how to reach my financial freedom."


Just needed to say, wow!!

This week I am analyzing and reanalyzing everything and trying to discover my WHY. Something struck a cord with me on Monday evening, and I haven't stopped thinking since. You have me talking to myself in the car, in the kitchen and still thinking at 2 o'clock in the morning!!! I'm writing lots of notes and quickly re-connecting with why I do what I do. I'm no-where near finished, but I've started and that's exciting!! So thank you.


What was the best part of the program for me?
The empowerment of this program was amazing.  By understanding my money values and past I was able to make informed and educated changes to my behavior which are more in line with my current values and goals.

What did I learn?
I learnt so much about cash flow, saving, superannuation, investment, and estate planning but it wasn't just the amazing content but the way the information was shared that made it exciting, interesting and always applicable to our situations.
I learnt that it was possible for me to create an amazing financial future for myself and my family.

Did I have an aha moment...
Not sure there was one moment for me, each session built on the previous, developing our awareness of the concepts before. I am now present in my financial life and have the courage to challenge status quo. It was so nice to be "Normal" whatever that means, we are all so much more alike than we ever realize.

This program has shown me that I can understand financial concepts and apply them to create a stronger and happier financial future. This is a great starting point for my learning as I enter the family business and hope to be an asset with all aspects of business.

This program was invaluable for me. I have shared this information and applied learnings to all aspects of my family's financial processes. I faced some scary truths and embraced the honesty needed to be the best version of me.
What a safe and empowering environment to develop.

Thankyou Tracey not only for sharing your knowledge and experience but your heart as well. This is genuinely one of the most worthwhile programs I been a part of, well worth the time and money spent on myself.  


I thoroughly enjoyed Tracey's 8 week Financial Transformation Program! I thought I knew who I was & thought I had a pretty good financial background but I learnt so much more from Tracey's expertise & Financial Knowledge! & now I'm going to put it all into place to get the financial freedom I've always wanted. Thanks again Tracey


I had been aware for some time that I needed to know more in order for me to plan well for my retirement.
Although I had been seeing a financial planner for a number of years, I had felt that there were gaps in my knowledge, and my planner was not filling them in.

When I heard about the 8 Week Financial Transformation course I thought it was worth investigating.

The course was informative, educational, at times challenging and most importantly useful.
It helped me to establish where I was positioned and where I wanted to be - and gave some tips on how to get there.

I would recommend the course to people (not just women) of all ages, as the sooner you start to plan the better positioned you will be in the future.

I wish this had been available 20 years ago!


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