Why Women?

  • Women are still not comfortable with the concept of managing major financial decisions about their future.  
  • They may be OK with everyday budgeting and the day to day household financial matters but they are not confident with the more complex financial issues, which shows a lack of self- belief or confidence.
  • Women are now in a position of great power and responsibility to take control of their money and take charge of their lives.
  • Women are the largest emerging market in the world. Over the next decade they will have enormous influence over politics, sport, business and society.
  • The lack of financial knowledge and understanding on investing and protecting their financial future by knowing how to use money is of great concern to me.
  • Women desperately need to understand HOW to use this new found freedom with money - What's important about money to you?
  • I want to create a shift in thinking, to empower women to embrace financial education which will give them the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage their own financial future.
  • Re-invent, invigorate, innovate


The world is more tolerant now than it ever was for women being able to do whatever they please; stay at home, work, travel, marry, not marry, have children, not have children.

YES, we now have social acceptance for the kind of freedom our grandmothers only dreamed of.

YES, we now have the capacity economically to look after ourselves, without compromise.

So now that we have this so called new found freedom and social acceptance, with this freedom comes responsibility to take care of ourselves financially.

We need to be clear on one thing; strong individuals create strong relationships.

Dare, Divide, Disrupt!!