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Women play so many roles; mother, wife, daughter for so many people, we often lose track of who we really are and what we want.

Tracey will work with you one on one to define your vision and goals and most importantly the activities you need to reach your goals. By having clarity in your direction you can become an effective and resourceful decision maker. This will give you a greater sense of motivation and create positive momentum in shaping your future.

Investing time with Tracey will clarify what needs to change and what's next for you.  Whether you are in business or a corporate career, taking this time will allow you to get clarity around your goals, develop a clear plan and understand what it will take to drive your success. Tracey will inspire you to take action and achieve more.


It's time to invest in YOU

Tracey Sofra

Mentoring Programs with Tracey Sofra

Group and Individual Programs Available
Empowering Women Mentoring Program

Are you:
  • Ambitious but lacking the real know how to get there?
  • Working long hours with mediocre results and income?
  • Just paying the bills but never getting ahead financially?
  • Struggling with the concept of investing?
  • Feeling unsupported and needing someone who gets you?
  • A little disillusioned - lacking drive, energy and purpose?
Would you like to:
  • Reduce stress by getting focused and having clarity of your goals
  • Control your own financial future and achieve financial freedom
  • Create your dream life; more money, more time, more quality of life
  • Finally master the art of looking after yourself - guilt free
  • Build confidence and self esteem
2 Hour Power Shot
3 Months
6 Months
2 hour face to face session 1
90 minute face to face sessions 6 10
Financial Health Check
Weekly Accountability Check-In
Open email and phone access to Tracey for the duration of the package
What you will learn from Tracey as your mentor
  • group_mentor_pyramid2_exp.pngLearn the critical success steps for greater achievement and fulfilment
  • Learn how to achieve financial freedom with the eight essential tools Learn the difference between money pits and money trees
  • Master the three powerful mindsets of "needs", "wants" and "shoulds"
  • Work towards creating a future with greater financial freedom
  • Learn from Tracey's personal and business success systems
Why choose Tracey?

A successful Accountant, Financial Planner and business entrepreneur, Tracey Sofra has a special interest in helping busy women to plan and create the life of their dreams, free from anxiety about money.

Along with running two fast-paced businesses and writing weekly women's finance blogs for numerous online magazines, Tracey is the CEO of WOW Women - an inspiring regional network for like-minded entrepreneurial women. Tracey's first book Finding Financial Freedom was published last year and she was recently announced Entrepreneur of the year at the Victorian Business Awards.

Tracey is a unique mentor with a rare and extraordinary diversity and depth of knowledge and skills.
Time with Tracey is transformational - she is a powerhouse of wisdom and energy!

Mentoring with Tracey Sofra

What could you really achieve if you put your mind to it?

Tracey has changed lives ...
Something struck a chord with me on Monday evening, and I haven't stopped thinking since. You have me talking to myself in the car, in the kitchen and still thinking at 2 o'clock in the morning!!! I'm writing lots of notes and quickly re-connecting with why I do what I do. I'm no-where near finished, but I've started and that's exciting!! So thank you.
Thank you Tracey not only for sharing your knowledge and experience but your heart as well. This is genuinely one of the most worthwhile programs I have been a part of, well worth the time and money spent on myself.
I thoroughly enjoyed Tracey's 8 week Financial Transformation Program! I thought I knew who I was & thought I had a pretty good financial background but I learnt so much more from Tracey's expertise & Financial Knowledge! & now I'm going to put it all into place to get the financial freedom I've always wanted. Thanks again Tracey"
I would recommend the course to people (not just women) of all ages, as the sooner you start to plan the better positioned you will be in the future.

I wish this had been available 20 years ago!
The empowerment of this program was amazing. By understanding my money values and past I was able to make informed and educated changes to my behaviour which are more in line with my current values and goals.

I learnt so much about cash flow, saving, superannuation, investment, and estate planning but it wasn't just the amazing content but the way the information was shared that made it exciting, interesting and always applicable to our situations.

I learnt that it was possible for me to create an amazing financial future for myself and my family.


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